Jamaican Wedding Customs

Jamaica is one of the the majority of tropical islands in the world and has got plenty of miraculous and exclusive marriage traditions to get a bit of all their area spirit to your big day.

First and foremost, a Jamaican marriage is all about the party! The whole day is filled with delicious food, a lot of rum, and reggae music.

In the past, Jamaican https://mylatinabride.com/jamaican-women/ marriages weren’t just simply family events : everyone inside the community was asked to join in the celebrations. The families of the bride and groom would probably send out umbrella invitations to all of their neighbors, friends, and anyone they will knew, both equally before and after the wedding ceremony.

During the reception, people would line up on the street outside of the church to have a look at the wedding couple. If they will didn’t just like their outfit or perhaps their hair, they’d criticize them honestly.


To deliver good luck and prosperity to the marital relationship, brides will frequently slip a dime or coin in the bottom of their shoe. This kind of brings vitality towards the newlyweds and wards away evil spirits!

The wedding ceremony cake can be a serious part of virtually any Jamaican marriage ceremony. The tradition is usually to have an extravagant black rum pastry, which is taken in retraite for the ceremony.

Another well-known food by a Jamaican wedding is curried goat served with https://www.insider.com/woman-too-attractive-succesful-intimidating-to-men-lessons-learned-2019-9 rice and peas. This is usually chosen by the couple and is a very exceptional treat!

The reception is a huge affair, this means you will last for the whole nighttime. Traditionally, the groom’s property was your location because of this event, nevertheless the current couples have the choice of hosting their marriage reception anywhere they want.